Vistalaser Oftalmologia


VISTALASER OFTALMOLOGIA, leading company in cutting-edge treatments, incorporates femtosecond laser technology to cataract and intraocular lens surgery, bringing innovative advances in the treatment and its result, compared to traditional “manual” surgery.

Femtosecond Cataract Surgery

“The perfect centering of the multifocal* intraocular lens, achieved through the use of the laser, provides the best possible distance and near vision.”

* also monofocal lenses and corrective lenses for astigmatism

Femto LDV Z8


Cataract surgery with laser and intraocular lens to see at all distances

The medical team speaks English and we deliver all documentation in English.

Opinions of operated patients

Cataract Surgery: Benefits of laser over traditional

  • Maximum security: Laser replaces those parts of surgery that depend on the surgeon’s manual skill and dexterity.
  • Better vision: Accurate centering of treatment, coupled with the possibility of eliminating small residual astigmatisms, maximizes the quality of near and far vision..
  • No scalpel: The necessary incisions in the surgery are made by the laser with total precision in size, location and shape..
  • Fast recovery: The energy applied to the eye is reduced in such a way that quicker times of return to normal activity are achieved..
  • Personalization: The surgeon plans and programs in the laser with micrometer precision all the parameters of the surgery according to the unique characteristics of the patient’s eye..

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