In most cases, ectropion occurs as a result of aging. Gradually, the edge of the lower eyelid falls outward and exposes its inner surface. What in principle seems only an aesthetic problem can actually lead to problems for our vision. Ectropion surgery is a very effective solution for this eyelid problem.

What is an ectropion

Technically the definition of ectropion is: an eversion outward from the edge of the lower eyelid. As we have mentioned, it is released from the eyeball and falls out. This can also affect tear drainage, instead of following their usual course they fall outward, resulting in tearing.

This happens in most cases because the eyelid loses its natural tension, so by not being able to maintain its position it gives way and falls forward. Other common causes are paralytic ectropion associated with facial paralysis and scar ectropion, which occurs when tissues contract because the patient has suffered a burn or trauma on this part of the face. These are only three, but there are more causes and that is why it is advisable for the ophthalmologist to make an evaluation.

This problem may affect only one eyelid, but it is common for a bilateral ectropion to occur. As a result, the patient ends up suffering from corneal dryness, which leads to irritation, inflammation and an increased risk of infection or injury. The lubrication and protection system for the eye surface is basically no longer working, so it is advisable to apply a treatment as soon as possible..

Ectropion Surgery

In principle, artificial tears may be given to relieve discomfort and reduce eye dryness when the patient is seen for this type of problem. However, the only definitive solution requires a small surgery to reattach the muscles that support the eyelid rim.

We perform ectropion surgery on an outpatient basis using local anesthesia. It is therefore not necessary to enter the patient, after the operation you will be able to return home. If you follow your eye surgeon’s recommendations within a few days, you will be able to live a normal life and your eyelids will recover their appearance.

If you have one or both eyelids outward ask for an appointment now at a Vistaláser clinic. We are in the heart of Malaga, Marbella and Granada. Our ophthalmology specialists will be happy to evaluate your case.