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Vista Laser’s philosophy of staying at the cutting edge of technological and scientific innovations means that we have state of the art equipment, allowing us to carry out the most advanced procedures in the field of ocular microsurgery.

In our operating theatres for refractive surgery we use the MEL 80 excimer laser by Zeiss and the LDV femtosecond laser by Ziemer, making our centres unquestionably the best equipped in this field in Andalusia and the first to carry out blade-free LASIK surgery.

MEL 80 excimer laser from Carl Zeiss

The MEL 80 excimer laser from Carl Zeiss makes the correction of myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia even more reliable with increased possibilities of customisation and comfort for every individual patient.

This cutting edge system has been designed to boost efficiency in order to achieve the optimal results in every treatment and a rapid recovery of vision. In this respect, the following factors are particularly significant: the increased speed of the treatment, the Eye Tracker system which monitors the position and movement of the eye throughout the procedure, the individualised treatment offered by the CRS Master system through the use of aberrometry and topography and the ocular torsion compensation system.

Its laser beam, with a diameter of only 0.7 mm and Gaussian profile, can precisely remodel the cornea at the level of microns opening up new horizons in the field of refractive surgery. This precision means that the outcome of surgery can be predicted with the highest levels of security.

In addition, the treatment is perfectly centred on the cornea thanks to the Eye Tracker system, which monitors the eye’s movements using infrared cameras which pass information to a computer, analysing the position of the eye 250 times per second.

LDV femtosecond laser from Ziemer

The LDV femtosecond laser from Ziemer has become the most precise and promising tool in ocular surgery. Its pulses of light are so short that they are measured in the smallest unit known, the femtosecond, or, in other words, in quadrillionths of a second. Despite their extreme brevity, these pulses are so powerful that they are capable of breaking down tissue where they are focussed, but they can pass through outer layers of the eye without affecting them. This allows us to intervene inside the eye without damaging either the adjacent tissue or the outer layer, which remain cold. This capacity has important applications in laser surgery, eliminating the necessity to use a surgical blade and thereby improving precision, safety and recovery times.

Our analyser of ocular aberrations and Pentacam topography analyser give a deeper understanding of the variations in each patient’s case allowing us to customise treatments according to the unique properties of each eye.

Vista Laser Ophthalmology is also equipped with a state of the art mobile operating theatre for ocular surgery which allows us to carry out interventions such as cataract surgery with multifocal lens implants, the treatment of keratoconus with collagen crosslinking or intracorneal rings, ocular plastic surgery and the treatment of tear duct blockages with laser.

Last updated: 16/01/2017