At Vista Laser we have established a special protocol to reduce the amount of time it is necessary to be in Malaga, Marbella, Fuengirola or Granada for patients who live at some distance or even abroad, but choose to have their laser eye surgery with us.

Patients must stop wearing their contact lenses for at least a week if they are soft lenses or two weeks if they are hard or gas permeable lenses. Patients must also stop wearing make-up for at least a week before the surgery takes place. The preoperative examination, where the patient’s case is assessed to see whether surgery is a suitable option, can be carried out the day before the operation. We operate on Fridays in Málaga and on Thursdays in Marbella.

The day after the operation, patients must attend a postoperative examination. Between five and ten days later, patients have a second postoperative check-up. A minimum stay of seven days is, therefore, necessary for this first stage.

At this point patients may return to wherever they live. It will, however, be necessary to come back for a final examination between two and four months later. In this examination we can establish whether the operation has been a complete success. It may occasionally be necessary to repeat the operation, but this only occurs in fewer than 5% of cases.

If necessary, your usual eye doctor can carry out the postoperative follow-up with our assistance either over the telephone or by email. We will also give you a full medical report for your doctor’s information. At Vista Laser we can give you information about accommodation options near our clinics.