I’m sure it must have happened to you once, you were so calm and suddenly your eyelid was shaking. It is a tremor that can be of varying intensity and duration. For example, your eyelid may tremble for a few seconds or several minutes or even hours.

When your eyelid trembles involuntarily, we call it blepharospasm, because blepharo for its Latin meaning is the prefix used in medicine for everything related to the eyelid. For example, eyelid plastic surgery is called blepharoplasty.

Usually, it is usually the lower eyelid that trembles, but the upper eyelid may also have the spasms. Statistics have a greater impact on women in their forties and fifties.

Why the eyelid trembles

The reason why the eyelid trembles can have several explanations, what basically happens is that the orbicular muscle begins to have spasms repeatedly, and this can happen when we blink excessively, or as a result of tiredness, lack of sleep, poor hydration or nutrition, excess caffeine or stress..

However, if your eyelid trembles you don’t have to worry, in most cases it happens without explanation. Because our body is not perfect and sometimes a little out of control. Therefore, there is no treatment either, as it appears, disappears..

Your doctor will most likely recommend resting, getting more hours of sleep, using artificial tears to lubricate your eyes, and trying to take it easy to reduce stress.

My eyelid’s shaking all the time

A different case would be when the eyelid shakes without stopping, for hours or even days. In these cases, it is advisable to consult with your doctor, as this can lead to functional blindness, or be related to a rare disease.

botox para blefaroespasmo

In cases of severe blepharospasm, the possibility of removing part of the muscles responsible for closing the eyelids or some branches of the facial nerve is considered. Another less invasive solution is to inject small amounts of botox to relieve spasms, as botulinum reduces the transmission of electrical impulses to the muscles.