Oculoplasty or ocular plastic surgery solves all the alterations that may appear around the eyes, whether in the eyelids, tear ducts or ocular orbit. The interventions allow both aesthetic and functional problems to be solved.

The most common cosmetic eye plastic surgery is blepharoplasty. It works on both upper and lower eyelids, and can touch up the muscles as well as remove excess skin and fat to achieve a more youthful and very natural look.

Oculoplastic surgery that addresses functional problems solves cases of drooping eyelids (eyelid ptosis), inverted eyelids (Entropion), everted or drooping eyelids (Ectropion), alterations of the eyelashes (Distichiasis) and even eyelid tumours and various sequelae.

All these functional problems are quite common, especially eyelid malpositions which can affect one or both eyelids. It is advisable to treat them, otherwise our field of vision may be affected, we may suffer from dry eyes, irritation and tearing. If the situation persists over time, we are exposed to possible eye infections, corneal abrasions and even corneal ulcers.

Eyelid specialists

At Vistaláser Ophthalmology we have ophthalmologist surgeons specialised in these oculoplasty treatments that allow patients to rejuvenate their eyes and correct functional problems that, if left unresolved, can degenerate into other pathologies.

This type of intervention is simple and does not involve great risks if it is carried out by a specialised ophthalmologist. Our ophthalmologists are also members of national scientific societies such as the Spanish Society of Ocular Implanto Refractive Surgery or the Spanish Society of Plastic, Ocular and Orbital Surgery.

If you suffer from any of the problems we have mentioned or you are interested in touching up your eyelids to rejuvenate your look, do not hesitate to contact our clinic in Malaga for more information about oculoplasty treatments without obligation. Our ophthalmologists will study your case and offer you the best possible solution.