Do you need to go to the ophthalmologist and live in Malaga? Vistaláser has two ocular clinics on the Costa del Sol where you can be taken care of by our doctors and optometrists. In Malaga capital you can find us at the end of the Alameda de Colón and in Marbella we are in one of the arteries of the city, in the avenue Ricardo Soriano, 62.

Our opticians and ophthalmologists in Malaga can evaluate your eye health to detect any pathology or vision problem. We offer a comprehensive service, so if you also want to stop wearing glasses or contact lenses we can advise and recommend the most appropriate treatment for your eyes.

Hundreds of patients undergo surgery for myopia, farsightedness, astigmatism, presbyopia or cataracts every year through our eye clinics. Since different solutions may exist for the same problem, our clinics are equipped with the most complete technology, so we can offer each patient the most appropriate treatment for their eyes.

In Vistaláser eye clinics we are committed to the most advanced technology in order to achieve the best results. To give a couple of examples: we offer treatments of refractive surgery with femtosecond and implantation of intraocular lenses with laser surgery. Both options increase safety during operation and allow the best quality of vision with a shorter recovery time.

Many of our patients are recommended by friends or family after the good treatment offered by our opticians. Some know us through other channels, such as the Internet. As is natural today, they often seek opinions of Vistaláser before booking your appointment. Thanks to the good work of our medical team the vast majority of people who have passed through our facilities are very satisfied.

These are the Vistaláser eye clinics in Málaga

Isco Alarcón ya dijo adiós a gafas y lentillas en nuestra clínica de Málaga

Real Madrid player Isco Alarcón has already said goodbye to glasses and lenses at our clinic in Malaga

The prices that we publish in this web are valid for all the eye clinics Vistaláser of Malaga. In addition we offer financing services to give the possibility of dividing the cost of the operation in comfortable terms.

  • Clinic Vistaláser in Málaga. It was the first eye clinic of Vistaláser in Malaga, where we have been more than fifteen years. In this clinic we have consultations and operating theaters for interventions such as the operation of myopia, presbyopia or cataract.
  • Clinic Vistaláser in Marbella. This other clinic in Malaga also offers ophthalmological consultation services. It also has the necessary equipment to do any preoperative or postoperative test, and has an operating room for ocular laser surgery. If for example you want to operate myopia, you do not need to travel to Malaga capital.

In both centers we always have a great medical team with extensive experience. These professionals will know to answer all your doubts, diagnose your visual problem and they will be able to advise you on the most appropriate treatment.