The laser surgery for myopia is one of the most common treatments, since a large part of the population suffers from this refractive problem. The myopic typically see well up close, but he has troubles seeing distant objects clearly.

The main cause of this visual defect is the eye itself, which usually have a more elongated or oval shape, therefore, the patient’s cornea has a greater curvature, and the resulting image is not formed properly on the retina.

Laser surgery for myopia is the solution for most patients, To find out if you are a good candidate, please see the article about the treatments.

By laser surgery for myopia the aim is to correct a surface layer of the cornea using a laser, due to this treatment the patient can focus on distant objects without using optical correction, i.e., without relying on glasses or contact lenses.

Laser surgery for myopia in Málaga and Granada

Vistaláser eye clinics in Marbella, Malaga and Granada have the latest technology in laser surgery for nearsightedness, performing operations with double laser: femtosecond laser in combination with the excimer laser to achieve the best results and provide greater guarantees of success.

Depending on age, it is possible that the ophthalmologist advise you against laser surgery, because as from 40 or 45 years, people start to develop presbyopia, and in many cases the myopic eye allows us to continue to watch closely, however if we operate your eyes, you may need optical correction, because of that, it could be better to choose another treatment such as intraocular lenses.