Vistaláser Eye Clinic for Laser Eye Surgery in Fuengirola, we are clinics specialising in eye health. We have been performing eye microsurgery with the most advanced technology for almost 20 years. Our four clinics in Andalusia are among the best equipped centres for this type of treatment.

If you live in Fuengirola or a nearby town and need an ophthalmologist, you can make an appointment at Vistaláser Clinics. We have experienced and highly reputable professionals in the field of ophthalmology and optometry.

Our medical team is led by Dr. Juan Luis García Madrona. Ophthalmologist specialised in anterior pole and oculoplasty.

Operation for Myopia, Hyperopia and Astigmatism

This eye operation is one of the most requested in our eye clinics on the Costa del Sol. Every year we operate on hundreds of people in Malaga with a very high degree of satisfaction. On our website you can see Vistaláser’s testimonials.

Many patients who opt for laser eye surgery in Fuengirola want to stop wearing glasses and contact lenses. Both options are effective in correcting problems of myopia, hyperopia and/or astigmatism, however they involve maintenance costs and care that many people would like to avoid.

If you lead an active life, like to play sports and go to the beach, it’s true that glasses can be a nuisance. Contact lenses are better, but they can get lost and if you go swimming you can’t wear them because you risk irritation and infection. If you don’t want your eye correction to leave you stranded, get your eyes checked and enjoy natural vision.

At Clínicas Vistaláser we evaluate your eye health and recommend the most appropriate technique for operating on your eyes. If you are suitable for this type of surgery our medical team will explain in detail the different techniques, their advantages and disadvantages, and you will be able to ask all your questions.

If this type of surgery gives you fear or a certain amount of respect, we have a psychological support team that will help you face your fear and even accompany you throughout the procedure. For further information, please call us or send us the form at the end of this article.

Presbyopia operation in Fuengirola

We call presbyopia a phenomenon that we notice from the age of 40 onwards. The truth is that since we are young we are losing the ability to focus. When we reach the age of 40 or 45 the deterioration is such that the accommodation system which previously allowed the eye’s natural lens to be adjusted to focus at near or far distances is too slow and causes blurred vision.

It becomes increasingly difficult to see fine print or manipulate objects at close range. Handling a mobile phone, reading a text or threading a needle becomes a challenge. This problem will get worse until it causes a difference of about 3 dioptres between near and far.

The first option is usually to use magnifying glasses to get rid of the problem, but there are more effective solutions using single vision or progressive glasses. If your eyes allow it, you can wear contact lenses for the same purpose, as well as opt for eye surgery.

At Clínicas Vistaláser we perform presbyopia surgery with laser or intraocular lens implants. These are two different solutions for the same problem. Each one has its advantages, but before making a decision it is essential to carry out a series of preoperative tests and take into account your lifestyle.

Cataract Operation in Fuengirola

In cataract surgery we use femtosecond laser technology. This technological innovation allows us to operate with maximum precision and safety, achieving an excellent quality of vision. The “manual” processes of the operation that make the result depend on the human factor are replaced by a femtosecond laser that is previously programmed.

This type of operation consists of replacing the natural lens of your eye that is aged and has lost transparency. Instead we place an intraocular lens which can be monofocal, bifocal or trifocal. The most modern lenses are trifocal lenses, which allow patients to see well at all distances so that they do not have to rely on glasses or contact lenses.

The telephone number of the Vistaláser Fuengirola clinic is 952 59 22 78. Call now or send the following form with your details, we will contact you as soon as possible to schedule your appointment and answer any questions about laser eye surgery.