The myopia operation in Fuengirola will allow you to stop using glasses and contact lenses. It is a very safe operation, with a quick recovery and you can also finance it in comfortable terms.

Vistaláser has three clinics in the province of Malaga. In 2020 we opened an ophthalmology clinic in Fuengirola equipped with the most advanced technology and we have received the Award of Excellence for performing more than 15,000 surgeries with FEMTO LVD technology, developed by Ziemer Ophthalmology.

Our doctors are one of the leading teams with femtosecond laser technology throughout Spain. In addition, if you undergo surgery with the Femto Xtra technique, you will be able to enjoy a Lifetime Guarantee. We are so sure of the good results offered by this technique that if in the future your prescription varies by at least 0.75 diopters, we will operate on you again at no cost.

We have been performing myopic surgery in Malaga and Marbella for almost two decades with excellent results. Now we are opening this new clinic closer to those people who live in Fuengirola, Mijas and Benalmádena and who may have difficulties to travel to Marbella or Malaga city.

We have excellent ophthalmologists and optometrists to take care of your eye health. Our medical team is directed by Dr. Juan Luis Garcia Madrona. Ophthalmologist expert in Refractive Surgery and Implant of intraocular lenses to correct common refractive problems such as myopia.

Myopia and astigmatism operation in Fuengirola

It is common for patients to have refractive problems that are accompanied by astigmatism. This defect produces blurred and even distorted vision at all distances. It is due to the fact that the eye has an irregular corneal curvature, but fortunately we can correct it.

The operation for myopia and astigmatism solves both problems in a single operation. Whether by laser or by implanting an ICL intraocular lens, after recovery the patient will enjoy an excellent quality of vision.

The laser refractive surgery techniques that we most frequently perform with Femto Xtra and Non-Contact Laser. Both methods achieve excellent results, our ophthalmologists will indicate the most appropriate for your eyes after preoperative testing.

Finally there is the ICL lens implant, a less known and more expensive option because the price of the lens has to be added. However, in many cases it is the best option to correct the patient’s vision. This technique consists of implanting an intraocular lens in front of the crystalline lens.

The ICL lens has great advantages, on the one hand it allows for the correction of high prescriptions and on the other hand it offers the possibility of replacement. This means that if, for example, you want to remove it in the future or have changed its prescription, this eye prosthesis can be removed or replaced without any problem.

Myopia operation for thin corneas

If in the past you were tested and found to be unsuitable for laser refractive surgery because you had thin corneas, i.e. not enough corneal thickness, please inquire again. Ophthalmic technology is constantly evolving and we can operate on thinner corneas without putting the patient’s eye health at risk.

To determine if it is suitable you simply have to make an appointment at the ophthalmological clinic in Fuengirola. The preoperative tests are performed without any commitment and provide us with all the necessary information to determine if you are suitable to have your eyes operated and which would be the most appropriate technique. We will also give you a personalized budget so that you can meditate on it at home.

Price of the myopia operation in Fuengirola

At Vistaláser Clinics we offer good prices and payment facilities. On our website you can check the price of Refractive Surgery for each of the treatments we have mentioned. You will see the price per eye and how much you would have to pay each month if you finance it over 12 months.

If you have any questions about the myopia operation, contact Vistaláser Fuengirola today. We will be happy to answer all your questions and provide you with all the information you need about the different treatments we perform.