Lifetime Guarantee

We are specialists in the correction of refractive errors with laser and we seek to provide a permanent solution for all our patients. Our commitment to achieving stable, high quality vision means that we study every detail of every case during our preoperative examinations in order to ensure the most satisfactory results.

We also carry out an in depth study of potential ways in which the visual defect may develop in order to avoid the possibility that, at some time in the future, the refractive error will reoccur.

However, no procedure exists which completely rules out the possibility of a slight visual defect developing a few years after the operation, even when the refractive error was completely stable before the intervention. This is why we have created “Vista Laser’s Lifetime Guarantee”.


Vistalaser Lifetime Guarantee

Vista Laser’s Lifetime Guarantee” is a written contract which certifies that if a refractive error of at least 0.75 dioptres, the minimum level we correct in the first operation, returns at any time in the future we will repeat the intervention with no further costs being incurred.

This guarantee is subject to a legal contract which must be signed by both parties.

It is valid for laser surgery using the All-laser LASIK treatment of myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. Surgery to correct presbyopia is not covered. As with all our treatments, the doctor will only carry out the intervention in cases where the existence of any pre-existing conditions that could lead to unsatisfactory results has been ruled out.

An annual check-up is recommended after any laser surgery procedure. In order to qualify for the “Vista Laser’s Lifetime Guarantee”, you will have to have an annual eye examination so that we can be sure that your eyes are being properly looked after.

Presbyopia, or age related long-sightedness, which involves a loss of the focussing power of the lens leading to difficulties seeing objects at close range and occurs naturally between the ages of 45 and 50, is not covered by this contract.