Trifocal intraocular lenses are the most advanced solution offered by ophthalmology for presbyopia and cataract problems. Today we wanted to share the experience of an ophthalmic surgeon who underwent surgery with the FineVision trifocal lens.

At Vistaláser Ophthalmology we do FineVision trifocal lens implants. An artificial lens that permanently replaces the natural lens. This intraocular lens is capable of creating three vision focuses in the eye: one focus for near vision, one for intermediate vision and a third focus for distance vision.

This type of surgery lasts only ten minutes, the patient remains awake but does not feel any pain thanks to the local anesthesia. In addition, the anesthesiologist will keep you relaxed throughout the entire procedure.

Thanks to this technological advance, patients who have undergone cataract or presbyopia surgery and who receive this implant will not need to wear contact lenses or glasses with progressive lenses, as they will have them in their eyes at all times.

Improved quality of life

Activities such as driving a mobile phone or computer, swimming or scuba diving, playing golf or paddle tennis, or simply driving or shopping are much easier if you don’t have to rely on glasses.

Eye problems such as presbyopia or cataract can occur as early as age 45. At this age many people lead an active life and many are involved in sports activities until well into the sixties. For this patient profile, the use of trifocal intraocular lenses instead of glasses or contact lenses can greatly improve their quality of life.

Advantages of trifocal lens

The advantages of trifocal lenses with respect to the monofocal ones that Social Security implants or the bifocal ones that we also implant in Vistaláser, are mainly the capacity to see better at all distances.

In addition, the adaptation is much faster, so far with the monofocal the next day the patient sees well but needs glasses to see up close, with the bifocal the patient takes a while to adapt to see well up close, but with the FineVision trifocal lens the patient the next day looks great.

In short, as Dr. Concepción Poyales comments: “Life is much more comfortable without glasses”.

Contact us if you are interested in the FineVision trifocal lens implant to correct your presbyopia or cataract problems. We can attend you without obligation at the Vistaláser Ophthalmology clinics in Málaga, Marbella and Granada.