Recently Isco Alarcón, who plays for Real Madrid, came to the clinic Vistaláser Ophthalmology Malaga for eye surgery, as he commented in his profile of the social network Instagram: Goodbye glasses and contact lenses !.

One of the main reasons why many patients choose Vistalaser is the extensive experience of our doctors in laser eye surgery, we have performed over 7000 surgeries with femtosecond laser.

This makes us one of the leaders in Spain in this type of laser treatment for eyes, the most comprehensive and advanced to operate nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism medical equipment.

In the words of our medical director, Dr. Sebastian Alarcon: “We offer quality treatments recognized worldwide, with operating rooms equipped with the latest technology for greater security, because we want to feel good and give you the best”.

Since these treatments are Ocular Surgery for life, it is important not make the decision lightly or opt only for the price. In the long run the price is the least important. To get the best result is more important to get quality service and has a good track patient.

In Vistalaser Ophthalmology we have great professionals with the latest technology, and we are also so confident to provide the best possible result that we offer a Lifetime Warranty.

Types of treatment

The patient should know that there are different types of operations to solve the problems of nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. Each treatment has a different cost, but not always the cheapest nor the most expensive is the most suitable for your eyes.

In Vistalaser Ophthalmology we have the necessary technology for all kinds of treatments: from surface treatments or PRK with the lower cost, through conventional LASIK, to the most advanced femtosecond laser LASIK.

These reasons are what make trust hundreds of patients each year in Vistalaser Ophthalmology, from professional players like Isco Alarcón, who could not do without sight, to any ordinary citizen who just want to improve their quality of life forgetting glasses and lenses.