Medical tourism or health tourism is a trend that is taking hold in some regions of Spain, such as Costa del Sol, a destination chosen each year by thousands of foreigners to enjoy its food, weather, and now the medical treatments.

Málaga has an international airport, good communications, good cuisine and tourist spots of international renown that undoubtedly contribute to the growth of medical tourism.

It is estimated that around ten million people in Europe practice medical tourism, combining visits to attractions such as the Costa del Sol, with first class and more affordable treatments than in their home country.

Medical tourism has been around for years, and far from being a fad, we can see how year after year takes hold, especially in tourist destinations such as the Costa del Sol.

For medical tourism we do not mean only that you are looking for wellness tourism spas and places to relax, but to all those who want to combine a leisure trip with an operation, in this case an eye operation.

Vistaláser eye clinics in Malaga and Marbella can advise and provide to the foreign public to obtain the best treatments in ophthalmology and oculoplastic surgery. We have a great team, and we use the most advanced technologies to reach the best results.