Wavefront LASIK is a technique that has been used for a number of years in refractive surgery. However, as many patients are not familiar with these terms, and are not clear about what this new technology consists of and what advantages it provides, today we are going to try to explain all this to you briefly.


Wavefront LASIK treatment takes into account the curvature of the cornea, its thickness and how it processes light. Once all this data has been collected, a 3D recreation of the patient’s cornea is produced, so that a fully customised treatment can be applied.

At Vistalaser eye clinics we use the latest technology, including equipment for personalised wavefront treatments, and with eye movement tracking for precise and safe treatment, so that no matter how much you move your eye during the operation, the equipment automatically detects it.

As a result, wavefront LASIK offers greater precision and improves a patient’s vision in a way that conventional LASIK cannot. This technology achieves impeccable results and also reduces the symptoms of light halos and glare experienced by some patients after laser eye surgery.