Refractive surgery should be understood as a treatment that may require one or more operations to achieve the desired objective. When it is necessary to repeat the operation, we speak of LASIK retouching.

LASIK retouching is not the norm, but it is not out of the ordinary either. It is simply possible that during the procedure a problem may occur or that the result may not be as good as expected when the tissue heals.

If this happens and the condition of the cornea allows it, a LASIK touch-up can be performed. This second procedure is usually included in the cost of the treatment. Therefore the patient does not have to pay for this additional operation.

Expectations before LASIK

A patient’s pre-LASIK expectations may determine how satisfied they are with the outcome. It is therefore important to discuss your expectations with your ophthalmic surgeon before the operation. Touch-up LASIK is intended to correct a residual prescription, but you may still have some remaining prescription or the first symptoms of eyestrain.

For example, if you think you will forget about glasses but then find that you need them for near vision, you may be a little disappointed. It is possible that after treatment and due to your age you may need to wear glasses for presbyopia. It is also possible that due to the thin cornea, only a certain number of dioptres can be corrected, so that you will then need optical correction but with a lower prescription.

The results may vary from person to person because each eye is different. If a friend or relative no longer has to wear glasses thanks to LASIK, you do not want the result of the treatment to be the same in your case.

Satisfaction with the result

Satisfaction with the result is extremely high in patients who have undergone LASIK surgery. Statistics show that more than 90% are completely satisfied with the result. At Vistaláser we ensure that each patient we operate on meets the requirements for the treatment result to be totally effective.

However, if a patient is not satisfied with the result, or on the surgeon’s advice is considering the possibility of a LASIK touch-up, they should not feel that there is anything wrong with this. Each case involves complex variables that can affect the outcome of the initial operation. Some cases are simpler than others and sometimes we must resort to retouching.

If you have your eyesight operated on at the Vistaláser clinics in Málaga, Marbella or Granada, you can rest assured. We carry out rigorous tests to guarantee the success of the operation and we also offer a lifetime guarantee.